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3 Rules for Crowdsourcing Your Sustainability Projects

In the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about ways to take our green strategy to the next level. We’ve done a bunch of great projects and have a passionate green team, but how do we do more and get more employees involved? We have a blog and a twitter account, so we are utilizing social media. But it’s been more of a communication vehicle than something that “engages” our stakeholders. I came across this article today, and it’s an interesting way to get people involved. We don’t have the brand recognition of GE or eBay, so I’m not sure how well it would work for us. But I want to add it to the things to do list for next year.

A new trend in the corporate pursuit of sustainability has emerged: crowd-sourcing via social media. While adoption has been easy, gaining useful ideas has not. By looking at three recent efforts — GE’s Smart Grid challenge, eBay’s Green Team, and a leading European retailer’s green customer foray — three rules for companies considering crowd-sourcing of sustainability ideas are coming into focus. Read more


Sustainability Explained (in 2 Minutes)

Anyone who needs a quick and simple explanation of the concept of sustainability should watch this two minute animated video from RealEyes, a global network of experts who create sustainability action plans for organizations.


The group is affiliated with The Natural Step International, who have created a science-based model for integrating sustainability into decision making. This is a great video to share within corporate sustainability efforts to help everyone get on the same page.