What to Do When Energy Issues Fall On Your Lap

High voltage powerlines.Historically the IT industry has been focused on one goal: Delivering faster and more reliable technology. Now a new demand has been thrown into the mix: Reducing energy consumption. When other departments were covering the electricity tab, IT didn’t have to worry about the harsh reality of rising power bills. But those days have come to an end.

“Most chief information officers don’t even consider electricity, so they don’t know that energy reduction should be on their radar. But many companies are asking IT to pay for its consumption and are building the reduction of energy consumption into compensation packages,” says Jose Iglesias, vice-president of global solutions for Symantec.

One of the biggest contributors to this problem is technology that is under-utilized (but sucking up energy still). Out of the seven million servers shipped worldwide, approximately six million are Intel x86 processors loaded with only a single application. This means that only 5% to 10% of a server is being used when the company is still paying for 100% of the electricity needed to run each server. With a server per application it’s no surprise data centers are getting crowded fast and the demands on cooling the data center just add to the electricity draw. [Read more…]