Softchoice Cares and Year Up: Unleashing the potential of young adults

Two years ago, Softchoice’s Seattle office started to work with a non-profit organization, Year Up. [Read more…]

Singing for a great cause

Seattle Karaoke night: We love our Softchoice managers but sometimes it is great to make them get up on stage and sing in front of everyone. Employees donated money on 9 different managers that they would like to see sing karaoke. We also had a top performer round and group round. After lots of fun on stage there was close to $1500 raised.

Fundraising and creativity in action

Outdoor Movie Night: Seattle held a successful outdoor movie night on their office deck which overlooks the Puget Sound. The event allowed around 50 employees, friends and families enjoy a fun movie, BBQ and a beautiful sunset while raising money for Softchoice Cares.

A Summer full of fun (and fundraising)

Through a variety of activities from April until August, employees managed to raise dollars for Softchoice Cares:

  • BBQ in Montreal
  • Beer Cart Raffles
  • Biggest Loser Competition Company-Wide
  • Book Fair in St Louis (organizer: Vicky Zeis)
  • Habitat for Humanity Builds in: Montreal, DC, LA/Irvine, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta
  • Windows 7 technical training (organizer: Rebecca Horton)
  • Marra Farms – One Brick Event in Seattle (organizer: Larissa Tietjen)
  • MKG Self Defense class in Seattle (organizer: James Kessenich)
  • NorCrawl event in Atlanta (organizers: Kellie Boggs and Jody Girard)
  • SBM Canada Golf Tournament in Toronto
  • Seattle Golf Tournament (organizer: Lisa Yu)
  • Street Hockey in Toronto (organizer: Peter Cibula)
  • Trivia Night in Seattle and Toronto (organizers: Karly Billstein and Melissa Alvares)
  • World Cup Pool, company-wide (organizer: Peter Cibula)
  • Selling Softchoice Cares T-shirts
  • Seattle Movie Night

Getting our hands dirty for a great cause

In July, Seattle sales reps volunteered at Marra Farms. They harvested tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and donated over 50 trays of food for the Providence Regina House Food Bank. This was a great way to get your hands dirty for a great cause.

Q1 Fundraising Events

Through a variety of activities during Q1, employees managed to raise dollars for the Haiti relief fund. Here is the list of all creative ways employees raised funds while having fun:

  • Basket auction during Launch
  • Selling Rwanda items during Launch
  • Pot luck in Montreal
  • Bake Sales in Toronto (organizers: Finance team and the Purchasing team)
  • Superbowl pool company-wide
  • Book Sale in Toronto (organizer: Dejana Radovic)
  • Chili competition in Toronto (organizers: Six Sigma team)
  • Oscar pool across the company (organizer: Anrenee Hales)
  • Whirlyball activity in Chicago (organizer: Bill McCluskey)
  • March Madness Beer Cart in Toronto (organizer: Kevin Felten)
  • NCAA pool company-wide

A special thanks to the all employees who are donating dollars via regular payroll deductions (your combined contributions for Q1 are going towards the Haiti relief funds). Also, we wish to commend the Toronto Mid-Market team who donated 100% of their Night-Out sales incentive dollars!! Thanks to everyone who volunteered, participated and supported Softchoice Cares events.