CSR Energy Audit & Recommendations

Softchoice had a great CSR intern work with us over the last year. As part of her program at Seneca College in Toronto she took a current snaphot of our current energy use, and gave us some great recommendations for 2011. Here is a summary of her report: [Read more…]

Cut Your Costs Through Re-Using Supplies

A few weeks ago our office relocated an entire department to a different end of the floor. We asked them to pack up all their belongings and leave behind any unwanted items such as office supplies that they were not using. In the end, we collected enough supplies to fill up TWO HUGE FILING CABINETS. When you reuse office supplies, you not only save time, but you will also reduce the amount of fuel wasted on deliveries, items ordered and dollars spent. This process will ultimately reduce your companies carbon footprint AND save you money! Try this program at your office today and see how much you can save!