The Impact of “No Impact Man”

You’ve probably heard about him by now, seen him on TV, read his book or his blog – and just within the past year the movie about Colin Beaven’s ambitious experiment has been released. After having mostly heard about No Impact Man through my wife, we recently had a chance to view the film together and came to understand some challenges he faced beyond the self-imposed restrictions from modern-day living.

Sure, the year Colin, his wife and toddler daughter spent on a strict local diet, biking through the streets of NY and even at one point without electricity or a fridge WERE a huge challenge – but the real eye-opener was the backlash received from some friends, family and others that considered themselves to be environmentalist.

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Review: Live Green Show

On the weekend I had a chance to check out the  Live Green Show. There were two stages with live music and long line of vendors streaming up the street. One of the stages claimed to have the first bicycle powered sound equipment. It makes you wonder: How much energy are humans producing in their daily lives that is going to waste? Could we be outfitted in someway to produce power for other things? I see a lot of people at the gym running on machines that consume energy, but what if that treadmill charged their electronics while they ran, or powered the TV in front of them? It reminds me of the movie “The Matrix” where humans power machines to live in an virtual world. In a way, some of us are already doing that, aren’t we?

There were several government funded vendors at the show as well as several entrepreneurs pedaling their own innovations. The innovations ranged from cleaning cloths to organic free trade skin products, to rain collection devices. The rain collection barrel with eaves trough attachment again reminding me again that we are letting things go to waste all the time. In the city we do not collect rain water but with an investment of under $200 you could save rain water. You could us it for your lawn/garden or to load your water gun and keep away pesky neighbors, think about how much you’re currently wasting on that!  Have fun with your energy savings.