Who knew recycling is magic!

I was reading my 2011 recycling calendar produced by my city and found a really interesting article about the mysterious ways of recycling. I didn’t realize how many amazing transformations are the result of my “trash”.

Re-pulped newspapers can become shingles, ceiling tiles and egg trays. Even better, one ton of old newspapers save 19 trees. Tin cans go on to bigger  things as concrete reinforcing bars, chains, pipes and car parts…Saving 1.36 tons of iron ore ! And what goes around comes around; next time you burn a copy of your favorite show onto a DVD, you could be using your the last can of Heineken you enjoyed with aluminum drink cans being used to make Cd’s and DVDs.

There are so many things that can be reclaimed – the list is endless. Next time you put something in your blue bin, you could be seeing it for the second time very soon.

Greener Meetings

Working in a remote office I have seen the good and the bad of attending webinars.  The good parts being that of course it is much greener and easier to attend than having to drive and fly somewhere.  But sometimes it is hard to hear or be heard and our video isn’t always the best.  Overall I would say that the good outweighs the bad.  Obviously for a company of our size it doesn’t make sense to have everyone travel to 1 location. 

The Chicago conference room

 To take costs down one step further, as well as make our meetings even greener, we only give the meeting link and the phone numbers to managers instead of every employee.  This means we are using a lot less phone lines and computers to have everyone attend the meeting.  I actually prefer this way because everyone in their own offices gets together to view the meeting in Toronto on their projectors so its like we are all coming together for our own meetings.

A greener way to work

Many people say they would like to have a greener commute, but they think they would be giving up some freedoms by leaving their car at home.  I have to say that I am now on a year and a half of a green commute and I hope to never look back.  If you live in a city with any decent public transportation then you have to give it a second shot.  Think about how much you pay for a car payment, insurance, gas and any kind of repairs.  Got a number in your head?  Now think about paying an average of $150 a month for the average monthly pass for a bus or train in most North American cities.  The cost savings are great!

Not only is it cheaper I find it much more relaxing.  Don’t like listening to people in the morning?  Bring an iPod.  Then you can kick back, read the paper and sip coffee while you cruise past all the traffic.  I have included a picture of me here to help you see how I am riding the Chicago L, saving money and flying past all the cars down below.

Do you have a green commute?  What is your favorite part about it in your city?  If you don’t use public transportation but your city offers it then what is it you don’t like?

The Benefits of Plants in the Office

Did you know the following facts about having plants in and around your office?

According to a study out of Washington State University, plants release moisture in an office environment, creating a humidity level matching the recommended human comfort range of 30% to 60%. A comfortable office environment is more conducive to productivity. [Read more…]