Herb gardening on a Saturday afternoon

One of my green team projects was to plant an herb garden in our office lunch room. Last month, I decided to fill our windowsills with some green love.

My first step was to get permission from our Facilities Manager. He was totally open to it provided that the plants didn’t die a neglected death or attract swarms of bugs. I promised to water them regularly and monitor the area for pests.

Next was the fun part – shopping! I pulled into my local home and garden supplies store. It was a holiday weekend and the plant section was alive with people looking for last minute deals on wilted hanging baskets, herbs and end of season plants. I manage to hoist a couple of pots of peppers, rosemary, oregano and sage into my cart. Back at the office (and after hauling dirt, pots and plants up the back steps) I re-potted them and placed them on the window ledges.

Our hopes for the herbs is that employees will pick fresh herbs to add into their lunches, or maybe take some home for whatever they are cooking for dinner that night. It’s a great way for them to eat locally grown, organic herbs and save money. How many times do you buy a huge bunch of herbs and only use a couple leaves before they go bad? Plus since a large portion of employees live in downtown highrises, this is their only opportunity to get home grown herbs.

I have gotten a lot of emails from coworkers enjoying the bounty of our herb garden. This little green touch to the lunchroom is hopefully going to go a long way!

Buy Locally and Support Your Community

Every month our President hosts the Softchoice Day One call – an interactive conference call that is broadcasted companywide. Softchoice provides pizza for all employees to enjoy during the call and we order an average of around 74 pizzas each month!

We proudly order all our pizza from a local family-run business that has a commitment to the environment and the community. They use environmentally friendly packaging, their menus are printed on recycled paper, pizza boxes are made of recycled cardboard and they use biodegradable plastic bags.

All pizza toppings are made with organic ingredients that come from local farms. Eating fresh organic food with recycled packaging is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and tastes great as well! Have you found sustainable caterers in your community?