Bring a lunch to work day

Before my time on the Softchoice GreenTeam comes to an end I would like to finish with one last project.  Hopefully this is something that will become more of an annual event.  My goal is to try and take as many Softchoice employee cars off the road as I can during lunch.  We would like to set up a day for everyone to either bring in a lunch and have lunch together or they should use some form of green transportation to go get lunch, like walking. [Read more…]

Bring Lunch to Work Day

The project I am currently working on for the Softchoice GreenTeam is arranging a day where everyone brings their lunch to work or uses some kind of green transportation to get their lunch.  For the purpose of the day though I am asking that everyone either walks or bikes to go out to lunch in order to maximize the effect of the day.  Even though there are green cars or taking a bus etc we can make an even bigger difference just by walking.

Some of the challenges I am running into are  finding a day that works for all of our offices and then finding a way to get participation.  Also, since I am only in the Chicago office and the rest of

By eating at our desk Softchoice can take a lot of cars off the road.

the GreenTeam is in the Toronto office, how can we make sure everyone else is participating?  I first thought that by choosing a day in the winter that people would be more likely to bring in a lunch and stay in the office.  Now I am thinking that since even I don’t like packing my own lunch maybe I should have it sooner than later so that people can catch a nice day to walk somewhere.

With our main branches being Toronto, Chicago, Seattle and Atlanta I don’t really have concerns with getting people to meet up for lunch together in a green way but I am a little concerned about our smaller sales offices.  Softchoice has quite a few offices with only 2 sales people in them.  How can we keep tabs on them?  Hopefully everyone will see the purpose behind the day and join in with our green efforts.  I would love for this to be so successful that we can have it every year.

I will update this as I schedule a day and with any thing we do to encourage participation.  Wish me luck.