How to Get the Best from Your Interns

Ash brought her social media savvy to Softchoice’s Corporate Marketing department this past summer.

If the stories I’ve heard on internships are true, then the history has not been very bright. Often interns are given the menial tasks: they’re relegated to being photocopy robots, coffee runners and errand gofers. They are expected to keep quiet during important meetings and just nod and agree. Oh wait…they are rarely invited to participate in those meetings in the first place.

When I first applied for my internship at Softchoice, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the first time I walked through the doors for my interview, I immediately felt at home. The friendliness of the people…and the dogs (yes, there are quite a few pooches roaming the halls!) was unbelievable. I want to share what made it so memorable. It may help break the cycle of those organizations still perpetuating the internship horror stories. [Read more…]

CSR Energy Audit & Recommendations

Softchoice had a great CSR intern work with us over the last year. As part of her program at Seneca College in Toronto she took a current snaphot of our current energy use, and gave us some great recommendations for 2011. Here is a summary of her report: [Read more…]