Frozen energy cost make an greener data center

A data center in Phoenix has found a way to “freeze” their data center costs – using ice balls. The Ice  Ball Thermal Storage System may be the coolest technology to hit the market…literally!

The ice balls are water filled, dimpled plastic spheres a little bigger than a softball. The balls float in four huge tanks filled with a glycol solution that chills the balls by night and pumps the cool air into the data center by day. This shifts the energy consumption from day to night allowing the utility generators to run more efficiently.

You might wonder why anyone would have a data center in on of the hottest places in the US. There are benefits to the hot, dry desert climate. For example, it lends itself to energy evaporative cooling technology when the temperatures at night dip down low.

That’s not all. This company has found a way to beat the Phoenix heat in other ingenious ways – reducing their energy use and taking advantage of the innovation new ways to be green. Read more…