Volunteer Days: Corporate Marketing flexes their non-creative muscles

Softchoice’s Corporate Marketing team is known for such things as organizing great events, coordinating sales training programs and designing spectacular campaigns…but little did you know about the team’s ability to move a whole lotta heavy stuff!

Last Friday, October 14th the entire team took one of our volunteer days off together and spent it at a Habitat for Humanity build in the east end of Toronto. After consuming a large amount of coffee to ease the early morning chilly start, we were suited up in hard hats and steel-toe boots and put to work.

With dreams of being assigned the “cool” tasks such as  framing, drilling or sawing we soon realized our task may not be as glamorous as we had hoped. With our Habitat Team Leader’s message of “every job is important” as our inspiration, we set off on our job for the day – moving a LOT of stuff. A huge area needed to be cleared of supplies to make room for digging the foundation of the next house. Piles and piles of wood, scaffolding, pipes and metal had to be moved from one end of the site to another. Others may have been disheartened by the somewhat boring task, but not us! Before we knew it an assembly line was formed, songs were being sung, nicknames were being allocated and everyone was laughing and having a great time. The best part – we totally impressed the Team Leader by finishing in record-time and having the best stacked piles of wood he’s ever seen. We actually may have created a new Six Sigma process for wood moving and stacking!

We ended off the day by signing our names on the frame and then heading out to share some cold beverages together. Overall, it was an incredible day of team-building (even though we didn’t get to participate in any “real” building) and most importantly – we did our part to help 8 families in our community have a new home to call their own.


Join us for A Nightmare on Liberty St!

Who says trick or’ treating is just for kids? On October 28th, Softchoice dares you to go door to door in Liberty Village in support of Project Connect – a joint initiative with Habitat for Humanity to put computers in the homes of needy families across North America!

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25 families in Dallas recieve the gift of technology

In March, the Softchoice Dallas Team was able to be a part of the Habitat for Humanity computer pilot program.  The program, which Softchoice Cares had been working with Habitat for the last year and a half, has the goal to donate refurbished computers to Habitat home owners.  With the help of Redemtech, who provided the refurbished computers, we were able to supply 25 families with a full desktop computer and monitor.  Before the families were able to take the computers home, we did a brief overview of the computer itself and some security awareness.  The home owners also had to sign a waiver that they would call Redemtech if they no longer wanted/needed the computer for proper disposal.  This is now happening in four other cities with plans to growth nationwide.  Through the hard work and partnership of Softchoice Cares and Habitat for Humanity we are continuing to bridge the digital divide here at home!

Raising the roof all summer long

During the summer of 2010 the western regional offices scheduled 5 different volunteer days to help build residential homes for Habitat for Humanity. There was some great team bonding and new skills were found while helping complete homes for families who would not normally have access to this.