Planting the Seed for a Softchoice Green Wall

GreenWallThey’re known by many different names, among them eco-walls, living walls, and vertical gardens. No matter what you call them, green walls are literally a growing trend in office environments. [Read more…]

Bring a lunch to work day

Before my time on the Softchoice GreenTeam comes to an end I would like to finish with one last project.  Hopefully this is something that will become more of an annual event.  My goal is to try and take as many Softchoice employee cars off the road as I can during lunch.  We would like to set up a day for everyone to either bring in a lunch and have lunch together or they should use some form of green transportation to go get lunch, like walking. [Read more…]

Getting it there green

Following a monthly Softchoice Green Team meeting I’d like to share with you some of the projects I am working on.

Supply Chain Analysis from a sustainability perspective: This is a report I had done for one of our clients looking at where their suppliers are located, the frequency of deliveries, the CO2 generated by all deliveries, distance traveled, and total number of deliveries to their various locations, etc. What I’m trying to uncover is no different from that of other business cases. I’d like to know where waste exists and how to eliminate it. The only difference is that the factor of time is weighted against the amount of pollution caused. Having things JIT (Just in Time) may cause more pollution and that is an important thing to consider. [Read more…]

First steps to building an office green team

The Green Team is one of the leadership development programs available at Softchoice. It started as a grass roots effort in 2007, and to this day involves employees from across the organization to work on green ideas. The Green Team is not only a great way to focus our energy, it also provides unique opportunities for employees to flex their leadership muscles and guide the strategy. The Green Team’s mandate is to reduce the impact of our business operations on the environment, and to inspire our customers, employees and partners to do the same. How can you start a green team at your office?

Step 1
Identify employees who have demonstrated an interest supporting green initiatives.
Step 2
Coordinate a meeting to talk about specific roles and responsibilities for each member
Step 3
Ensure manager-level support by aligning green team responsibilities with the employee’s annual goals
Step 4
Create a group email alias and a monthly eNewsletter to help the team communicate their projects and gather input

You can download the Softchoice Green Team Application and use it in your office. (we don’t mind at all)