5 Steps to Starting Your Own Office Composting Program

Starting a composting program at your office can be challenging, but if you follow these simple guidelines you can set yourself up for a successful program.

  1. Find a stainless steel bucket you can keep on your office’s kitchen countertop. Stainless steel is easy to clean and wont absorb color or odor from foods.
  2. Post signage up to let everyone know what can and can’t go inside the container.
  3. Arrange to have your container emptied on a daily basis into a large bintote and store it somewhere dark and dry. A Janitorial or storage closet works well as a storage space.
  4. Find out when your city recycling and composting pickups are scheduled – if you are in an office building check with your landlord as your garbage pickups could be from a private contractor. Find out the costs associated with arranging weekly pickups.
  5. Schedule your compost pickups at least once per week, keep your bins clean by using a biodegradable liner or requesting your bin gets exchanged for a clean one every week.

To maintain a successful composting program remind your fellow employees what a positive impact they are having on the environment and that by composting they are reducing their carbon footprint.

Have you tried composting in your office? How did it work?

Giving our hood a 20-minute makeover!

Over 30 of our Toronto Branch employees participated in the City of Toronto’s 20-Minute Makeover in Liberty Village today. Enjoying the sun, fresh air and some community spirit we helped to make our neighborhood a cleaner place to work.

Now in its sixth year, the annual spring 20-Minute Toronto Makeover continues to attract community spirited volunteers. On Makeover day, more than 109,000 Torontonians head outdoors to their street, business area, park or schoolyard and picked up litter.