Dogs with Heart: Eliminating Heart Disease & Stroke One Paw at a Time

feat im 2Every seven minutes in Canada, one person dies from heart disease and stroke. In fact, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in North America. Chances are, you’ve likely been affected by heart disease or stroke, if not directly, then through someone you know.

What can we do to eliminate these killers? A good start is to increase our daily activity levels – even if it’s just a 15 minute walk every day. And what’s better motivation for exercise than taking your dog for a walk in the park? Not only will your puppy (or friend’s puppy if you don’t have your own) love you for it, your heart will too. [Read more…]

Everyone Wins at Softchoice Cares’ Soccer Championship!

Softchoice sports event raises money for local charity through a friendly game of football soccer.

The 2012 European Football Championship has just begun and already the excitement is contagious!

Early this spring, Softchoice had its own soccer championship in Liberty Village, Toronto. More than 150 employees participated in our week-long tournament.  Twenty-seven games were played and more than one hundred goals were scored.

Aggressive sales team, Wolfpack, and marketing gurus, Ginger FC, faced-off in a nail-biting final match. Spectators were not dissapointed and were kept on the edge of their seat as the two teams battled it out. In the end, glorious victory went to Wolfpack after scoring the winning goal in a final penalty shot.

The entire event raised $4,175 and was donated to a Parkdale charity of the champion’s choice…

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Change has Shaken the Bucolic World of the Yard Sale

It was once considered the mildest of activities. You’ve seen it before: Early morning sunshine. Tree-lined side streets parked with cars. Bargain hunters picking quietly through the flotsam of other people’s lives. A moment or two of haggling then buyer and seller parting ways, perhaps until the next spring to repeat the process once again.

But isn’t it all just a little too quaint? Hasn’t the sport of rummaging been long overdue for a good dose of spectacle? Couldn’t it use a little more edge – a smidge of Dana White? [Read more…]

Softchoice Toronto Goes Wildly Green!

This past Friday the Corporate Marketing and Business Development teams joined forces with the Softchoice Green Team to bring Softchoice the greenest, most environmentally friendly, beer cart ever. Dubbed as ‘Green Day’, the event embraced all that is green in celebration of World Environment Day. Unlike other beer carts- and with Mother Nature on our side- the team managed to throw a rockin’ party outdoors; a fantastic way to start the weekend and get people excited for the summer!

So what was so green about it anyway?

As World Environment Day was to be celebrated on June 5th – the team kicked it up a notch by doing their best to reduce the environmental impact of this event. The scrumptious food was local – thus supporting our local community and reducing our Co2 emissions. To be specific, the team ordered fingers foods- meaning no napkins, plates, or spoons which lead to zero waste! We also purchased herbs from a local greenhouse to use as décor for the event and then sold them off for charity- now there’s an idea! [Read more…]

Fundraising and creativity in action

Outdoor Movie Night: Seattle held a successful outdoor movie night on their office deck which overlooks the Puget Sound. The event allowed around 50 employees, friends and families enjoy a fun movie, BBQ and a beautiful sunset while raising money for Softchoice Cares.

Baking for the cause!

Today the members of the Toronto Green Team held a big bake sale to raise money for the oil spill clean up.  Cookies, squares, cupcakes, muffins and even a cake decorated as an orange Softchoice Racecar helped to raise $560!! All money raised will be donated to a World Wildlife Fund recommended charity.

As this oil spill could possibly be the worst environmental catastrophe of our time, and our money is going to go to the critical clean up and rescuing of animals effected by the spill.

It also made for a great excuse to indulge in some great baked goods!