Walking the talk on EPEAT and Energy Star products

Since the launch of Softchoice worlds first searchable EPEAT and Energy Star product registry, Softchoice has given IT purchasers the ability to easily identify and evaluate more than 2,300 unique products based on their environmental attributes. With 4,800 ENERGY STAR certified products to our website bringing our total roster of certified green IT products to more than 7,100. [Read more…]

The nuts and bolts of PC Power Management

The Solutions

PC Power Management Software

Implementing specialized power management software to shut down PCs and monitors when not in use is by far the best way to gain energy efficiencies. These technologies typically cost between $10-$20 per device and will allow a central administrator to set shut-down policy and manage exceptions, as well as giving you the ability to report on savings. Advanced tools also provide the ability to save and properly close documents upon shutdown, and allow for scheduled patches or updates to occur seamlessly. [Read more…]

Q&A: What’s the difference between ENERGY STAR and EPEAT?

Energy Star and EPEAT logosENERGY STAR only deals with energy efficiency, while EPEAT looks at a variety of environmental attributes throughout the lifecycle of the technology.

Also, all EPEAT products must meet the ENERGY STAR 4.0 current standard so energy efficiency is a part of that rating too.

Using Green IT to Transform your Organization

It’s finally happened! Those old PC’s are sputtering and it’s painfully clear that a hardware upgrade is in order. Luckily, ratings like EPEAT and ENERGY STAR make it easy to acquire sustainable IT products. IT purchasing departments everywhere can sleep soundly knowing they’ve done all they can do for the planet….or have they?

IT organizations often limit their focus to purchasing “green” technology, yet miss the significance Green IT can have in transforming their entire business. By keeping a few things in mind throughout the purchasing and implementation process, companies can go beyond the acquisition and influence dramatic company-wide change.

Domino Effects in the User’s Experience
In an office setting there are few things more visible and impactful to employees than the hardware and software they use every day. [Read more…]