Step on that scale

No matter what you celebrate during this month, it’s the season of giving, eating and communing with friends and family. Come January you are going to be trying to find ways to squeeze back into those jeans (for me it’ll be spinning)  While you think about ways to get leaner in the New Year, think about your IT infrastructure. How can you cut down on your energy consumption and make your carbon footprint that much smaller?

This fantastic article I just read outlines how IT can be leaner and greener. It talks about how companies can navigate through the new paradigm we are living in.  It says “Green IT is about making innovations a part of mainstream business. Companies that want to survive will prepare for change and transform to stay competitive, by adopting new strategies and solutions.”

Want to learn more as you ponder next year and how you can make an impact that’ll help the planet? Check out the article here.

Want to add some “green” to your Annual Report?

As we head into the final quarter of the year, there’s always someone in your organization thinking about how to describe the organization’s successes this year for the Annual Report. Record sales, industry awards, new ventures are all news worthy developments…but what about green?  Large organizations tend to have an entire separate report dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility, but more and more organizations are just including a few key green initiatives in their main Annual Report.

But what if you don’t have anything to share? Many projects in IT are implemented for their business value, but have great green benefits too! You may have an amazing energy saving story right under your nose.