Power 2 the People

Many companies give back to their communities using the same approach: decisions are generally made by one team or department managing the company’s overall philanthropic activities. Very few involve employees in deciding where their efforts should be focused or even encourage them to get involved. According to an Imagine Canada survey, in 2009 only 18% of corporations encouraged employees to raise money and only 9% made matching grants for employee contributions.

Softchoice’s employees raise a ton of money each year, and the Softchoice Cares Board directs funds to different charities and technology-related causes. But with a company full of employees who are passionate about a wide range of causes, the board saw an opportunity to give them the chance to have a bigger say in where the funds should go. That was the ignition point for Softchoice’s new Power 2 the People campaign! [Read more…]

Join us for A Nightmare on Liberty St!

Who says trick or’ treating is just for kids? On October 28th, Softchoice dares you to go door to door in Liberty Village in support of Project Connect – a joint initiative with Habitat for Humanity to put computers in the homes of needy families across North America!

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Buy Locally and Support Your Community

Every month our President hosts the Softchoice Day One call – an interactive conference call that is broadcasted companywide. Softchoice provides pizza for all employees to enjoy during the call and we order an average of around 74 pizzas each month!

We proudly order all our pizza from a local family-run business that has a commitment to the environment and the community. They use environmentally friendly packaging, their menus are printed on recycled paper, pizza boxes are made of recycled cardboard and they use biodegradable plastic bags.

All pizza toppings are made with organic ingredients that come from local farms. Eating fresh organic food with recycled packaging is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and tastes great as well! Have you found sustainable caterers in your community?

Giving our hood a 20-minute makeover!

Over 30 of our Toronto Branch employees participated in the City of Toronto’s 20-Minute Makeover in Liberty Village today. Enjoying the sun, fresh air and some community spirit we helped to make our neighborhood a cleaner place to work.

Now in its sixth year, the annual spring 20-Minute Toronto Makeover continues to attract community spirited volunteers. On Makeover day, more than 109,000 Torontonians head outdoors to their street, business area, park or schoolyard and picked up litter.