Chicago Green Office Challenge

Softchoice is officially registered for the Chicago Green Office Challenge!  We started by signing up online at and we entered in our baseline data.  With a rating system they provided and thanks to the great work from the 2009 Softchoice GreenTeam we are already considered a tier 1 company in this challenge.

However, the contest is based on growth so it will take a lot of us to come up with some changes to grow an already great score.  Please let me know if you have any ideas that can help!

Softchoice Joins Green Challenge

It is still in the very early stages but I wanted to get a post out there to let you all know that Softchoice will be participating in Chicago’s Green Office Challenge.  We will need to allow the city access to some of our electricity and water bills to participate but I think we really have a great chance at winning if everyone in the office is up to the challenge.

I will post plenty more on this as we begin and go through the contest so you are aware of how these challeneges work but it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.  Our first meeting is next Tuesday so I will know a lot more after that.  For more information or to sign your own company up go here

Charging Stations Offered in Parking Garages

InterPark, a company with many parking garages across the U.S. has begun installing charging stations for electric powered cars in 12 of their locations.  Currently all of the 12 locations are in the city of Chicago but they plan to roll out more down the road.  There has been a back and forth on the reasons why this hasn’t happened until now. The public were saying that they were waiting until the infrastructure of charging stations was built and the companies were saying they were waiting until people buy the cars.  Well we should wait no further, InterPark has made the first step.  In fact, they are allowing you to charge up for free through the rest of the year.  As a promotion they are also giving away a lease on a Tesla Roadster, a high performance electric sports car, leases on a few Toyota Prius’ as well as many other things.

This isn’t only happening in Chicago, companies all over are implementing charging stations.  Check out this picture of how the parking in San Francisco has come along.

Here are some great green commute facts from InterPark.

FACT: One-in-four American adults say they would likely consider a reasonably priced plug-in car the next time they purchase, according to Consumer Reports.
FACT: Currently, 96% of U.S. transportation is fueled by petroleum.
FACT: For the rest of 2010, home charging station installation costs get a federal tax credit of 50-percent up to a $2,000 max.
FACT: There will be “No Charge to Charge” for the rest of 2010 at an InterPark downtown Chicago facility that has a charging station.

So now that the infrasturcture has begun being built maybe it is time we all considered a green car on our next car purchase.