Chicago Green Office Challenge

Softchoice is officially registered for the Chicago Green Office Challenge!  We started by signing up online at and we entered in our baseline data.  With a rating system they provided and thanks to the great work from the 2009 Softchoice GreenTeam we are already considered a tier 1 company in this challenge.

However, the contest is based on growth so it will take a lot of us to come up with some changes to grow an already great score.  Please let me know if you have any ideas that can help!

Softchoice Joins Green Challenge

It is still in the very early stages but I wanted to get a post out there to let you all know that Softchoice will be participating in Chicago’s Green Office Challenge.  We will need to allow the city access to some of our electricity and water bills to participate but I think we really have a great chance at winning if everyone in the office is up to the challenge.

I will post plenty more on this as we begin and go through the contest so you are aware of how these challeneges work but it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.  Our first meeting is next Tuesday so I will know a lot more after that.  For more information or to sign your own company up go here

Green Search Engine

This morning the GreenTeam received a great email from a Softchoice employee about a search engine, Ecosia (, that donates 80% of its income to saving the rainforest. Just like other search engines such as Google and Yahoo Ecosia makes money when you click their sponsered links.  However, by using them 80% of that money goes to helping the rainforest instead of the pocket of someone.

The front page of their website makes the claim of  “Each free web search saves about 2.4 yd²of rainforest. We have already protected 234,567,410 yd².”

Plus, since they are linked up with Yahoo and Bing you aren’t losing any searching functionality or missing any important results.  I have been using Ecosia for my searches this morning and so far I have been unable to tell a difference from my normal searching on Google.  Try it out.

Fostering a green culture

A big focus of Softchoice’s strategy is enabling our customers to green their IT infrastructure. At the same time, we recognize we must practice what we preach. When it comes to greening our operations, it’s about finding projects that address areas where we can make the biggest difference while also engaging our employees.
Whether it’s reducing energy consumption or eliminating waste generated by daily operations, we’re taking real steps to minimize our environmental impact. Our goal is to become North America’s IT supplier of choice for organizations looking to green their supply chain. [Read more…]

Great new office challenge: Amazing Workplace Race

Got a competitive streak? Have a green streak too?

Then you could win the Amazing Workplace Race. It’s an online competition to see who has the greenest workplace habits. You can win a sweet prize from Future Shop by being the person in your workplace who is doing the most for the planet where you work (by composting, reusing – that sort of thing).
Here’s how to play: [Read more…]