Technology is an unparalleled business enabler. Yet innovation also has a cost: e-waste and rising energy use associated with IT pose significant environmental challenges.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to promote IT solutions that encourage environmental sustainability. And it’s not just a matter of good PR, either. Through our expertise, we’re helping organizations deploy and manage virtualization, automation and cloud computing solutions that improve efficiency while reducing energy consumption – from the desktop to the data center. That’s good for business and our planet.

Looking for win-win scenarios is just as important to how manage our operations. Thanks to the efforts of our Green Team, we’ve launched new initiatives like electronic invoicing and consolidated shipping to help green our supply chain. We also continue to reduce our environmental impact through ‘green office’ challenges, electronic recycling drives and by choosing suppliers based on a shared commitment to sustainability. It’s through grassroots projects like these that we’re engaging our people to make things better for our customers, our planet and our bottom line.