Who knew recycling is magic!

I was reading my 2011 recycling calendar produced by my city and found a really interesting article about the mysterious ways of recycling. I didn’t realize how many amazing transformations are the result of my “trash”.

Re-pulped newspapers can become shingles, ceiling tiles and egg trays. Even better, one ton of old newspapers save 19 trees. Tin cans go on to bigger  things as concrete reinforcing bars, chains, pipes and car parts…Saving 1.36 tons of iron ore ! And what goes around comes around; next time you burn a copy of your favorite show onto a DVD, you could be using your the last can of Heineken you enjoyed with aluminum drink cans being used to make Cd’s and DVDs.

There are so many things that can be reclaimed – the list is endless. Next time you put something in your blue bin, you could be seeing it for the second time very soon.

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