What is EPEAT and why does it matter?

EPEAT LogoEPEAT, which is an acronym for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, is a rating standard to help IT purchasers evaluate desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on a larger variety of environmental attributes. It was launched in 2006 as part of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded effort. It was developed over a three year period in an extensive consensus-based, EPA-funded process that included more than 100 representatives from environmental groups, government officials, large volume computer purchasers, subject matter experts, electronics recyclers, and manufacturers. The mandatory purchase of EPEAT products is being adopted by many organizations, including the US Federal Government, the Government of Canada and the State of California.

In the next five years the U.S. EPA estimates that purchase of EPEAT products will result in the reduction of more than 13 million pounds of hazardous waste, more than 3 million pounds of non-hazardous waste, and save more than 600,000 Megawatts of energy – enough energy to power 60,000 homes for a year. To calculate your own potential impact by purchasing EPEAT products try using this handy calculator:

>> Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator (EEBC)

EPEAT™ Performance Tiers

EPEAT evaluates electronic products according to three tiers of environmental performance: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The complete set of performance criteria includes 23 required criteria and 28 optional criteria in 8 categories. To be EPEAT registered, products must meet all the required criteria. >> learn more

Product Meets all Required Criteria

Product meets all required criteria plus at least 50 percent of the optional criteria that apply to the product type being registered.

Product meets all required criteria plus at least 75 percent of the optional criteria that apply to the product type being registered.

EPEAT TechCheck & Environmental Benefits Report

You might already have EPEAT-certified products and not even know it. An EPEAT TechCheck will analyze your past hardware purchases and combine that with inventory data direct from your environment to identify which computers and monitors in your environment have been EPEAT-certified.

Request an EPEAT TechCheck today!

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