We’ll be wrapping presents yo!

We were sitting around the table at our last Green Team meeting discussing ideas for projects we can take on. And idea popped in my head: Eco-wrapping. No, it’s not throwing down rhymes about the environment (though that would be pretty cool!) it’s about reusing materials for holiday wrapping to save a few trees.

I’ve done this a couple of years with a local charity – at malls and our local emporium where people buy their outdoor gear. I’ve wrapped snowshoes, canoe paddles, vases – all with kraft paper or recycled posters and paper rafia. And the best part is … no tape!

A lot of my Green Team cohorts were shocked when I told them this. Ya, it’s not pretty…but it makes for an interesting conversation piece under the tree or passed over glasses of rum and eggnog. How many of us wrap beautifully anyways? I know that even with the best paper money can buy and rolls of tape my gifts look like they have been wrapped by drunken elves with no thumbs.

Eco-wrapping is coming to a Softchoice branch near you! And if you want to bust a rhyme while we wrap the DVD box set of MASH you got your Uncle Herb, you might even get a discount off the fee (which will be a donation to Softchoice Cares.) Want to learn more? You can read “Eco-Chick’s” online post about Eco-wrapping.

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