Walking the talk on EPEAT and Energy Star products

Since the launch of Softchoice worlds first searchable EPEAT and Energy Star product registry, Softchoice has given IT purchasers the ability to easily identify and evaluate more than 2,300 unique products based on their environmental attributes. With 4,800 ENERGY STAR certified products to our website bringing our total roster of certified green IT products to more than 7,100.

With the launch of Window 7, Softchoice has noticed that many customers have started to refresh the desktop environment. This has allowed  Softchoice sell  more than 32% more EPEAT and Energy Star certified products to their customer in 2009. We expect this refreshment to continue in 2011 and Softchoice will be a trusted sustainable advisors for these IT purchases.

In 2010 we sold the following EPEAT products:


In 2010, through the sales of EPEAT products Softchoice has:

  •   Saved enough energy to power 491 homes annually
  •    Reduced greenhouse gas emissions equal to removing 738 cars from the road/yr
  •    Reduced primary materials usage to the equivalent to the weight of 79,652 refrigerators
  •   Eliminated the use of toxic materials equivalent to the weight of 262 bricks

You can search our online EPEAT and ENERGY STAR directory to determine which of your products are certified.

About Michael Hornung

Michael is an Accounts Receivable Representative at Softchoice.