The sordid story of electronics could have a happy ending

How many DVD players and mp3 players have you pitched when they have died suddenly or suddenly you were flush with extra cash and ready to treat yourself? I know that I have gone through a few $38.99  DVD players and have made some bad PC purchases which led me back to my local electronics shop for an upgrade.

I wonder where cast-away electronics end up. In my mind I picture them refurbished and enjoying a second life. But that’s not the case. One of my fellow marketers recently blogged about it. His post includes three shocking videos which shows where electronics really go to die. It ain’t pretty. Toxic chemicals from the West are polluting developing countries where the valuable parts are being harvested and the rest burned and dumped into water supplies. Not cool!

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Melissa was the head of Softchoice’s campaign marketing team, responsible for providing organizations with information on the latest technology trends, insights and solutions from the desktop to the data center.