Something BIG for someone small


May 25, 2016 marked the 6th annual IT4CC fundraising event, where people from the local IT community come together for a common goal – raise funds to improve the lives of children with cancer. Over the last six years, IT4CC has raised more than $639,000 for Childhood Cancer Canada.

Among the 25 teams and 85 participants this year were seven Softchoice employees: Alex Moshiri, Attique Ajmal, Cameron Meredith, Jason Watkins, Kayan Wong, Samuel Ajithkumar and Trevor D’Mello, as well as the son of a Softchoice employee, Corbin Bradbury. Together the Softchoice Cares team raised $17,800, making us the third highest fundraising team overall. Jason Watkins personally raised $5,355, making him the second largest individual fundraiser!

The night was not only about raising funds for childhood cancer research, or shaving and clipping hair. It was also a night to share in the stories of families who have suffered through this or are suffering still.

We heard from Finn Turner who, at the age of 10, was diagnosed with Infantile Bibrosarcoma, a tumor that originates in the connective fibrous tissue at the ends of bones in the arms and legs and can spread to other surrounding soft tissues. Finn told us about his diagnosis coming only a few weeks after his father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. He walked us through his battle with cancer and his successful outcome.

Jadyn Schill also shared her story. Jadyn, who is now 13, has been battling cancer since she was five. Jadyn has a rare brain tumor called Ependymoma, and has endured six surgeries and over 123 rounds of radiation. Despite all of this, and the fact that living with cancer is all that Jadyn has ever known, she maintains a great sense of humor and a tremendous spirit.

As I listened to the stories of these children who have suffered so much through their young lives and come through with such incredible attitudes it struck me again how very lucky I am to have a healthy, thriving 13-year-old.

And as I looked at my colleagues up on stage, who worked so hard to raise money for this incredible cause and who are now giving up their hair in support of it, I feel incredibly grateful to work for a company that gives us the opportunity to give back and to work with so many amazing people who try in their own way to make a difference.

I am very excited to report that we will continue to support Childhood Cancer Canada over the next four months through Softchoice Cares and our Power to the People (P2P) program, so there will be plenty of ways that you can get involved. All of the funds being raised for Childhood Cancer Canada through the P2P program will go to support their emPower Pack program.

This program provides newly diagnosed families with information and inspiration to cope with their journey. Currently, Childhood Cancer Canada sends out five or six books of information to parents of children recently diagnosed with cancer. The funds raised will go towards taking this initiative digital, so that parents can be supplied with a tablet with access to the information they need. They will be able to easily take the tablets to appointments, and will always have access to the most relevant and up to date info for the care of their child.

On June 17, 2016 Softchoice will be hosting a volleyball tournament with all of the proceeds going to Childhood Cancer Canada. We will also be hosting an Amazing Adventures day at Softchoice for our corporate-wide volunteer day on July 8, 2016. The primary event will be painting with the kids. Each volunteer will work with a child to create a masterpiece painting that will be auctioned off at future Childhood Cancer Canada fundraisers.

It does not take much to do something big for someone small!

About Tammy Pike

Tammy Pike began her career in technology with Softchoice and has held a number of roles with the company over the last 11 years. She is currently a Client Account Manager and a Softchoice Cares P2P Champion in support of Childhood Cancer Canada. Tammy is a proud mother who is passionate about doing her part to make the world a better place.