Solar Trees?

In the short time I have been blogging, I have really loved searching for new ideas and products on how a person or place can become more green.  I recently found a great idea in the city of  Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  By using green solar energy they have found a way to fix a few different problems all at once.  In a city that was once not very lit up at night (causing residents and visitors to stay in their homes) new solar trees are now provided light.  This interesting design allows them to look almost tree-like and store power all day, so that it can be used at night to power lights.  Now that the people are out and about later in the day, businesses are able to stay open later at night.  What a great boost for the economy!  What’s even better is that with the help of the Korean Studio Nothing Design Group, Asiana Airlines and Korea International Corporation Agency (KOICA), they didn’t even have to spend much to get them up and running.

Currently they have 16 in place and it sounds like they plan to add 5 to 10 every year for the next few years.  This is a trend that needs to catch on.

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