Softchoice Toronto Goes Wildly Green!

This past Friday the Corporate Marketing and Business Development teams joined forces with the Softchoice Green Team to bring Softchoice the greenest, most environmentally friendly, beer cart ever. Dubbed as ‘Green Day’, the event embraced all that is green in celebration of World Environment Day. Unlike other beer carts- and with Mother Nature on our side- the team managed to throw a rockin’ party outdoors; a fantastic way to start the weekend and get people excited for the summer!

So what was so green about it anyway?

As World Environment Day was to be celebrated on June 5th – the team kicked it up a notch by doing their best to reduce the environmental impact of this event. The scrumptious food was local – thus supporting our local community and reducing our Co2 emissions. To be specific, the team ordered fingers foods- meaning no napkins, plates, or spoons which lead to zero waste! We also purchased herbs from a local greenhouse to use as décor for the event and then sold them off for charity- now there’s an idea!All of the signs in our beautiful courtyard were all whiteboard based meaning no paper was wasted for the one-time event.  Even our DJ had the lowest tech set up imaginable with a simple midi mixer – reducing the circuit load in comparison to a full set-up! The only thing left to get for this event was a piezoelectric dance floor!

The team gave away great prizes such as iPods and iPod Shuffles for those who participated in the mini-put challenge – a great low energy event to help raise money for charity. The Green Team was also on site, signing up new recruits and telling us all about how our company can win the Clean Air Commute Challenge.

About Ash Aujla

As a Marketing & Communications Specialist intern for Softchoice, Ash is responsible for providing support in social media optimization as well contributing to both internal and external communications projects.