Softchoice Funds Ongoing Support for Gashora Lab

Two-years ago, 10 Softchoice employees undertook a humanitarian mission to Rwanda in partnership with Developing World Connections.  With laptops donated by Lenovo Canada, the team spent two weeks setting up a computer lab at the Primary School in the town of Gashora – the very first of its kind. The completion of the project was a big win for the team and, more importantly, the local community.

Fast forward two-years.

While the lab remains a hub of learning, technical challenges are mounting:  there have been equipment malfunctions. In some instances, component parts have failed. Unpatched software applications and operating systems have started to affect laptop performance – the usual stuff that happens when you don’t have a dedicated IT person around to mind the shop.

The good news is all that is about to change. To get things back on track (and ensure they stay that way), Softchoice has committed additional funding in the amount of $500 per month. The money will be used to supply ongoing maintenance and support services to troubleshoot equipment, fund replacements and reconfigure systems as the need arises. Perhaps most vital, the money will ensure students have continuous access to the internet and all its wonders.

A laptop is beautiful thing – especially when it’s doing what it’s supposed to. With dedicated support in place, local students and community members will continue to reap the benefits of technology for years to come!

About Eric Gardiner

Eric Gardiner is the Manager of Communications for Softchoice.