Softchoice’s Top Five Office Fundraisers (and Counting)

We’ve tried an endless variety of fundraisers. But in our experience, the ones that generate the greatest returns are those that put the fun front and center. Here’s a look at our Top Five Favorite Office Fundraisers (and counting).


Making Managers Look Silly

One of many good sports at Softchoice

Generally speaking, we like our managers. But for some reason we just can’t get enough of seeing them all gussied up in the most ridiculous attire – from turkey costumes at Thanksgiving to Lederhosen in October. Equally entertaining is watching the head of a department stumble through a karaoke song at the end of a major gathering like our annual Mid-Year Sales Meeting. All it takes are willing managers (which we have in spades) a quirky idea (no shortage there, either) and a pledge form.

Trivia Anyone?

Who loves trivia? By our count, basically everyone. Our annual Trivia Night in Toronto has become so popular people from the local business community now flock to attend. Teams gather at the local watering hole to lock horns as they answer six rounds of questions – from sports and history to niche areas like Sitcoms and Reality TV. The leaderboard is updated after each round and teams are encouraged to place ‘beer bets’ with rival tables. This event is fun, lightly educational and, with an entrance fee of $20 per person, a great way to raise money!

Sudden Death by Rock Paper Scissors  

Olympic caliber RPS athletes.

It may not be an Olympic sport, but if you ask our people, it probably should be. Rock, Paper, Scissors tournaments have become a phenomenon of late and a great way to generate a little friendly competition. At our first event, we charged an entrance fee of $20 per competitor and $10 per spectator.

Costumes and trumped-up-personas designed to psych out the competition were strongly encouraged. Grand prize? An X-box 360 and bragging rights as the reigning ‘Rock Paper Scissors Office Champ’.

Candy Grams

Ok, this one is just plain sweet. Each December employees send a chocolate along with a short note to anyone they choose in the Softchoice office. At $2 a pop, candy grams are an easy and affordable way to spread some cheer. A small team of employees organizes the entire process – distributing the cards, setting up a drop off area and then managing the delivery. This simple idea raises spirits (and more than $3000 annually) making it at doubly sweet endeavor.

Chili Cook-off

Chili contender Joel Marans.

Is chocolate in your chili the cats pajamas? Or is slow roasting your spices the way to go? We say let the people decide! Each year we challenge the best and brightest to put their chili recipe to the test. Employees pay $10 dollars to sample the lot and six handpicked judges are tasked with picking the winner (someone has to do it).  Participants leaving feeling good and full!

Given the boundless creativity of our people, we’ll likely have more ideas to share. In the meantime, what ideas do you use to get your co-workers jazzed about donating to a worthy cause?


About Eric Gardiner

Eric Gardiner is the Manager of Communications for Softchoice.