Recycled computers, televisions still ending up in dumps

The Toronto Star today reported that only a third of the 42,000 tonnes of eWaste that was supposed to be collected by the Ontario Electronic Stewardship in the first year of their program was actually collected:

The problem lies in the fact that many collectors have opted out of the provincial program and are selling the material – possibly overseas and then illegally dumping the rest in landfills!

Do you know where your eWaste is going? What are you doing with old electronics? How much of it is sitting in a closet or basement?

If you do have any electronic waste, it doesn’t belong with your curbside garbage and if someone is offering to pick it up for free…that’s a RED FLAG that it’s going somewhere that it shouldn’t be.

What should you do?

In Ontario use the free provincial eWaste depots. You can find the nearest one to you at: In other provinces check out

For those without a State or Provincial program, make sure to ask your recyclers the right questions. What are the right questions? Here are some criteria for you to use.

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