Pass the Bucket: Small Act that Makes a Big Difference

I stood looking at several mounds of sand; slightly shorter than all 5’8” of me and about five feet round. “We’re supposed to do what?” I asked. I had actually heard right the first time, but I was stalling for time. Just enough time to store up energy for the long day ahead. We were at a construction site, helping to re-build an orphanage. I say helping rather loosely since seventy percent of the building had already been constructed. Plus the fact that none of us had much experience in constructing buildings. This also meant that our group was tasked with the grunt work; transporting one of the sand piles to the second story of the building.

After staring at a massive pile of sand for a few minutes, we dove right into our task. We started with one bucket, creating a line in which we passed it from one person to the next. To my amazement, it was rather easy. No one worked more or less than they needed to; creating a steady rhythm as the bucket passed through the line. That one bucket ended up leading to two hundred more by the end of the day and we managed to cut that pile of sand in half.

At that point I realized that one bucket and a simple passing along can accomplish great things. We don’t need to make some grand gesture in order to make a ‘dent in the sand’. If each of us did one small, selfless act a day, the world would be a better place.

Softchoice, thanks for passing us the bucket so that we can continue the chain of goodwill in Bali.


About Catharine Brar

Catharine is a Corporate Account Manager for Softchoice and a member of the Softchoice Cares Board.