Launch 2014: Celebrating Leadership

At Softchoice’s annual company-wide Launch event, a number of awards are handed out to top performing teams, individuals and vendor partners from over the previous year.

The most coveted awards have little to do with sales, revenue and gross profit.

The most high-profile awards, the most rewarding ones to win, are for a select few each year who embody the company’s core values and who step beyond their roles to take care of one another and deliver great results for the client. These are the Jone Panavas Leadership Awards, named after Softchoice’s co-founder whose vision of a different kind of company – one that puts its people first – is still ingrained in the company’s purpose and vision today.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Darren Anderson, Assessment Services Consultant

Darren is the type of person who doesn’t seek the spotlight, however, being nominated several times over by his peers (all from different areas of the company) shows just how tremendous an impact he makes. His ingenuity in building new assessments and perfecting existing processes, from the datacenter to the cloud, has helped expand client perceptions of Softchoice’s offerings and the value the company adds to their businesses.

Brad Peacock, Purchasing Supervisor

Brad has a reputation among his peers and Softchoice’s vendor partners for his commitment, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond. A consummate problem solver, he helps bring simplicity to complex ordering and payment processes – often stepping in to help others.

Sue Bishop, Delivery Program Manager

Sue is known for stepping outside her role to help coach her peers in sales to help them understand the ins and outs of Softchoice’s services offerings, and to give them the support they need to develop themselves and their territories. Mentoring her peers isn’t something she was asked to do in her role, she simply took the initiative.

Troy Haripersaud, Pre-Sales Achitect

Troy is known for his client passion and always making himself available to his colleagues, no matter what. He was on vacation last year, and on his way to the airport, when he was contacted by a peer with an urgent and complicated client case. Troy solved the problem over the phone and even followed up with the client personally by email as he was boarding his flight.

Dan Shalinsky, Professional Services Consultant

Dan is a talented individual who takes the time to help develop the skills of the other engineers around him. He also lives Softchoice values. After volunteering at a Softchoice Cares event for Youth Without Shelter a while back, Dan continued to volunteer with the organization (unbeknownst to anyone) and, on his own time, helped them build a network for their youth computer lab.

Sarah Rosseau, Vendor Sales Specialist

Sarah tied for the most Leadership Award peer nominations from across the company in 2013. Always willing to share her knowledge, she proactively reaches out to her colleagues and their clients to help them solve complex challenges and to ensure they are getting the most out of their licensing agreements.

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