Keeping hazardous batteries out of landfills

Softchoice has offered an office battery recycling service since 2009 at all of our offices and have had extreme success with our program! Employees areencouraged to bring in their used batteries from their home and Softchoice will dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. This is  done through a E-waste recycling company that our landlord provides. In addition to alkaline and recharge-ables, Softchoice also recycles laptop batteries.

In 2010 Softchoice collected approximately 350 used batteries, in addition to our 700 collected in 2009. That brings our total to over 1000 recycled batteries!

Here are some tips on starting up your own battery collection program at your office:

  • Decide which batteries you would like to recycle, AAA and AA are the most commonly used in an officehome setting.
  • Find a box or bag to collect the used batteries in, or check with your office supply vendor. With most online ordering tools for office supply companies, you can add a battery recycling box to your cart for free. When your new battery box starts to get full you can send it back to them. All of this at no cost to you! If you are in the USA, Call2Recycle offers a great service – they will send you bags (with pre-paid return postage on it) to fill up with the used batteries, all you have to do is seal the bag and send it back.
  • Place the boxbag somewhere central, an office mail room is a great high traffic location where the box can get the most visibility.
  • When the container is getting full, contact your local E-waste company to pick it up or send the container back to where you ordered it from.

About Casey McCarthy

Casey has been a member of the Softchoice Green Team since early 2009, when she was recognized for her contributions to reducing Softchoice's carbon footprint in 2008.