It’s not all about the Benjamins

It is not just all about monetary impact with Softchoice Cares.   Employees can use up to 2 paid volunteer days per year locally with community charity organizations (almost 400 volunteer days per year are being used).  Since September 2008 our Seattle office has been committing volunteer hours to Technology Access Foundation (TAF) which helps prepare at risk children for higher education and professional success through after school programs.  Since 2006 we had numerous offices across North America get their hands dirty with Habitat for Humanity on local builds providing homes for those without the funds to provide the bear necessity of housing.  In 2010, we announced a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help provide technological access to homes that are being built for families in need.  Our employees are creative individuals who have spent their volunteer days driving citizens in Philadelphia to the election pools.  A popular choice is breaking bread in soup kitchens and food banks all over North America.  It is also not surprising that Softchoice employees want their volunteer days to be spent in the technology field setting up computer labs in places like San Francisco and Montreal. 

The above volunteer hours and funds donated to philanthropy organizations are just a few of the examples of the impact Softchoice Cares has made in five short years.  These combined efforts have enabled us to impact thousands of families in positive ways.

About Carolyn Watson

Carolyn is a Human Resources Manager at Softchoice.