Internal Communications with SoftchoiceTV

One of the hardest challenges in getting everyone in your office to think more about being green is being able to communicate your ideas.  Of course, the bigger the company is the bigger the challenge is.  While emails and flyers can be overlooked on occasion we have decided to give a different route a try.  Softchoice TV, or SCTV for short has been around for a while communicating anything and everything to the Softchoice employees throughout various branch offices.  One of my goals this year is to always have a fresh message with tons of new ideas of how to green your desk at work or up coming events on the calendar like Bike to Work Week.  These slides, along with many others, run in a constant loop and are broadcast everyday out to every employee in the company.  So far the results have been great.  A lot of people have noticed the green tips and those that know I am on the GreenTeam have asked me about it and have said they would like to see more.  I will keep this blog updated with the new ways we send out our communications to Softchoice internally.

I would love more ideas on how companies are better engaging and communicating with their employees around green ideas and initiatives.

About Bill McCluskey

Bill is on the HP Presales Team at Softchoice for servers, storage and networking. He is on the Green Team to share insights on the benefits and cost savings green IT offers.