How is your technology delivered?

So you’ve purchased EPEAT or ENERGY STAR technology…but now how is it being delivered? Softchoice now offers a “Consolidated Ship” option on all hardware purchases. Consolidated shipping means that we will reduce the number of shipments customers receive by shipping the order only when all the necessary items have been allocated. A single shipment means fewer trucks on the road and fewer packages for customers to track!

An estimated $150,000 was spent by Softchoice this past year on partially shipped orders due to backorders and product constraints. This resulted in 40,000+ pounds of carbon emissions that could have been avoided. Promoting complete and consolidated shipping is a priority at Softchoice. We have calculated an order allowing partial shipping causes 15% more shipments than one booked to ship complete. We are continuing to promote having orders ship complete internally for the cost savings and environmental benefits.

Check out the below video that explains the process:


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