Growing with Softchoice: The Search for my Dream Job

Growing with Softchoice: The Search for my Dream Job

Two months before finals in my fourth year, I started seeing a career counselor because I couldn’t figure out what I really wanted to do after graduation. As a Consumer Behaviour student, I never considered sales as an option for a full-time job.

“What is your dream job?”

A thought-provoking interview question I was asked at an advertising agency in Toronto made me realize that I was just following the herd. It sounds simple, but my interviewer made it clear he wasn’t looking for a canned answer. Four interviews later, I ended up coming in second place to another candidate. The question, however, stuck with me.

I stumbled upon Softchoice during my job search and quickly realized that the company had everything I was looking for. Beyond the office full of Fidos and Beer Cart Fridays, something else attracted me. Softchoice aligned with me. I saw a future here. Having been in my role since March, I can now confirm that this is a company that encourages personal and professional growth, and is a workplace where my talents are valued and can be improved upon.

My purpose for opening up with my anecdote is to reassure those who are confused about their career path that it’s okay to not have everything figured out. Choosing the right company, however, can help you enjoy the sometimes frustrating journey to career enlightenment.

Now when I ask myself what my dream job is, I know I have the support of Softchoice to help me get there. After gaining more experience as a Territory Sales Representative (TSR), I can one day see myself facilitating the Sales Academy. The company provides opportunities to work with coaches and mentors to develop my skills and prepare for that type of role. The cool part is that the current Sales Academy facilitators started their careers at Softchoice in my position!

Amy was my instructor during phase one of the Academy, and the energy she had coming into work every day made me excited to be there. There were also daily presentations by other members of the company who were equally as passionate, and they gave me faith in the value of Softchoice to our customers. By the end of the four weeks, my classmates were all close with one another, and I felt prepared for phase two knowing I had an amazing team to experience it with.

I’m now a few weeks into phase two with Stan (better known as Stanimal) as my sales coach, and I’m confident I’m getting the necessary training to succeed in my role when I graduate from the Academy. The best part about being on the sales floor is the ability to easily reach out to tenured reps and learn from them, absorbing their knowledge like a sponge.

I can’t wait to put my training into practice and see what my Softchoice story becomes!

About Nicolette Tassios

Nicolette is a passionate Territory Sales Rep at Softchoice looking to make a positive impact during her career. When she’s not drinking copious amounts of caffeine at work, she spends most of her time fantasizing about her next backpacking trip.