Green Search Engine

This morning the GreenTeam received a great email from a Softchoice employee about a search engine, Ecosia (, that donates 80% of its income to saving the rainforest. Just like other search engines such as Google and Yahoo Ecosia makes money when you click their sponsered links.  However, by using them 80% of that money goes to helping the rainforest instead of the pocket of someone.

The front page of their website makes the claim of  “Each free web search saves about 2.4 yd²of rainforest. We have already protected 234,567,410 yd².”

Plus, since they are linked up with Yahoo and Bing you aren’t losing any searching functionality or missing any important results.  I have been using Ecosia for my searches this morning and so far I have been unable to tell a difference from my normal searching on Google.  Try it out.

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