Great new office challenge: Amazing Workplace Race

Got a competitive streak? Have a green streak too?

Then you could win the Amazing Workplace Race. It’s an online competition to see who has the greenest workplace habits. You can win a sweet prize from Future Shop by being the person in your workplace who is doing the most for the planet where you work (by composting, reusing – that sort of thing).
Here’s how to play:Click here to register. (It’s easy and we don’t need much info).

  • Take the 10-question survey. It gives you a score on how green you are at work.
  • Compare your score to other competitors across Canada. (If it’s low, we’ll offer you tips on how to make it better.)
  • We’ll email you once a week for five weeks, asking you to repeat steps 2 and 3. Just by answering the questions you’ll be eligible to win great prizes donated by Future Shop – like an iPod, a printer and a netbook – so stay on top of it!

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Melissa was the head of Softchoice’s campaign marketing team, responsible for providing organizations with information on the latest technology trends, insights and solutions from the desktop to the data center.