Getting it there green

Following a monthly Softchoice Green Team meeting I’d like to share with you some of the projects I am working on.

Supply Chain Analysis from a sustainability perspective: This is a report I had done for one of our clients looking at where their suppliers are located, the frequency of deliveries, the CO2 generated by all deliveries, distance traveled, and total number of deliveries to their various locations, etc. What I’m trying to uncover is no different from that of other business cases. I’d like to know where waste exists and how to eliminate it. The only difference is that the factor of time is weighted against the amount of pollution caused. Having things JIT (Just in Time) may cause more pollution and that is an important thing to consider.

Vendor Auditing: Looking at our own supply chain, we need to look at things like, how far our are suppliers traveling, are they using sustainable methods and products in their goods and services? The goal here is to find win-win scenarios where a supplier is not only better but closer and more sustainable.

Greener paper and coffee selection: Here I am looking at ways to further reduce waste in the paper and coffee consumption within the building. I am researching the various types of paper and coffee and looking at other solutions.

Reporting on warehouses: I will be putting together a report on the practices of our warehouses in the current state.

In addition to these projects I will continue to promote shipping complete when ever possible.

About Adam Galloway

Making more environmentally conscious purchases is one of the greatest powers we have in curbing wastefulness.