Five Steps for Achieving Your Goals in 2012

With January behind us, many of us have gotten back into a regular routine. But does that include the goals you’ve set for yourself (like staying fit) at the start of the year?  People’s commitment to personal goals seems to always drop off by February. In fact, according to a study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol in England, 88 percent of people fail at keeping New Year’s resolutions.

At Softchoice, the start of the year marks the time when employees set their professional GPS (Guiding People’s Success) goals. With their managers, employees create an action plan for how they are going to achieve them and work on accomplishing them throughout the year.

Unless you’ve got a system or people holding you accountable to staying on track, it’s hard to keep focused on achieving any type of goal. Life gets in the way, excuses are made, or we just give up.

So now that we’re into February and off the January “resolutions high,” here are five useful tips/tricks from a few Softchoice employees to help ensure you don’t become one of the 88 percent.

1.       Break Down Goals

A big goal may appear daunting, especially if the desired outcome requires a lot of time or work. Breaking goals down into daily, weekly, or monthly milestones will help keep you on track. Plus, as you achieve mini goals, you’ll be way more motivated to go on and tackle the next one! 

2.       Create Lists

Probably one of the more popular and well used tricks is creating lists of what you need to do to reach your final destination. For example, if your goal is to become healthier, make a list of what you’re going to do each week to achieve it – such as ‘will go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.’ These lists are a great way to help you organize your time and balance efforts.

3.       Tell Everyone

Sharing with family, friends and colleagues can help give many people the extra push they need. Like me, some people need the support or encouragement from others to keep focused.  Then, it’s not only about proving it to yourself, but showing everyone that you’re capable of doing what you set out to do!  

4.       Ask for Help

Let’s face it; we are all human and sometimes we need support from others. If you feel overwhelmed or you need some help, just ask. The people you surround yourself with want you to succeed and may have some tips from their own experiences. Who knows, by asking for some simple support and advice, an unlikely person may just become a permanent buddy who can help you out along the way.

5.       Be Your Own Cheerleader

Staying positive, even when you fail, is a general consensus amongst Softchoice employees.  According to Peel Public Health, “when self-esteem is strengthened…you feel free to see new situations as opportunities for learning and growth – you can dream and accept responsibility for making things happen.”

Keeping goals can be a challenge for anyone.  But with the right game plan and commitment, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself!

Have some goal keeping tricks? Share it below with a comment.

About Angela Cope

Angela is an Inside Sales Account Manager at Softchoice, and is responsible for connecting business leaders with technology solutions that suit their business needs. She has a passion for music, supporting local charities, and social media.