Five Fitness Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

The Holidays are fast approaching and you know what that means: parties, family gatherings and a list of delectable treats to over indulge in! Lucky for us at Softchoice, we have the convenience of our corporate gym in Toronto to keep us healthy when we fall victim to the Holiday fare! (Our other employees across North America have access to generous discount offers for local gyms.)

Yet, even with a fitness fanatic CEO who promotes healthy and active living as part of our culture, it still takes a bit of motivation to keep up with regular workouts. So if you’re like me, here are a few tips to keep you alert and well through the Holiday season.



Schedule regular workouts in your calendar like you would a meeting or event. You’ll be more inclined to staying commited versus forgetting all about it. Thankfully for me, it makes a world of difference that our managers and senior leaders encourage us to schedule a workout during the day. (In fact, it’s common to look over and see them running next to us on the adjacent treadmill as well!) And, even if you can’t get a whole workout in; take a break in the afternoon and take a walk. The 15 minutes of activity will keep you alert during the rest of the day!


Set goals for yourself. Shift your perspective from “I’m too busy” to “I’m going to reach this goal today!” Start small and work your way up to accomplishing even more than you thought you could! By setting and surpassing each one, you’ll feel a big sense of accomplishment. You may even find yourself looking forward to your next workout!


Get a friend to energize you so you don’t miss workouts. My teammates at Softchoice hold each other accountable to keep fit and stay active! Who else would meet us for a 7:30 morning run?


In addition to walking the dog, running, or throwing a ball with some friends, alternative group fitness activities have become more accessible than ever thanks to discount sites like Groupon. They provide great deals and allow you to temporarily try different types of workouts to a get a feel for what you enjoy! To date I’ve tried a low-tempo Hot Yoga class, and an energetic Jukari session.  


Finally, any time you find yourself lagging or thinking “maybe I’ll skip today”, ask yourself, “Do I ever regret it after a workout?” Most likely the answer is no. So remind yourself how GREAT you feel after your workouts. Whether you gain more energy, feel happier or achieve greater stress relief, this is your reward for showing up!

One last tip: stay safe and always listen to your body. Pushing yourself can be a great thing but remember to do it with caution and with the advice of a physician or certified fitness professional.  

I’d also love to hear your thoughts. How do you stay motivated? Share them here!

About Reena Parekh

Reena is a graduate of McMaster University and George Brown College and works as a corporate event specialist at Softchoice.