Everyone Wins at Softchoice Cares’ Soccer Championship!

Softchoice sports event raises money for local charity through a friendly game of football soccer.

The 2012 European Football Championship has just begun and already the excitement is contagious!

Early this spring, Softchoice had its own soccer championship in Liberty Village, Toronto. More than 150 employees participated in our week-long tournament.  Twenty-seven games were played and more than one hundred goals were scored.

Aggressive sales team, Wolfpack, and marketing gurus, Ginger FC, faced-off in a nail-biting final match. Spectators were not dissapointed and were kept on the edge of their seat as the two teams battled it out. In the end, glorious victory went to Wolfpack after scoring the winning goal in a final penalty shot.

The entire event raised $4,175 and was donated to a Parkdale charity of the champion’s choice…

 Wolfpack decided to donate the winnings to St. Christopher House. St. Christopher works in partnership with the community to help disadvantaged persons to gain greater control over their lives and within their community. Specifically, this money supported St. Chris’ Bang the Drum program and computer lab. On May 9th, a group of Softchoice employees visited St. Christopher House to present the donation. As you can see from the picture below, they were greeted by some very excited and appreciative youngsters!

Like I always say –winning isn’t everything, but when you help someone else, it might make them feel like they’ve won the 2012 Euro Cup!

About Jason van Ravenswaay

Jason is the Manager of our Product Management team at Softchoice and Treasurer of the Softchoice Cares Board.