Eight things I learned during our Bali mission

  1. Children are inspirational: They are resilient and whatever life throws at them, they take it in stride. They also look towards the future rather than harping on the past.
  2. When it comes to team work – whether it’s an IT project, moving dirt and sand, or wall-painting at a construction site – the total is greater than the sum of the individual efforts.
  3. Always have a plan B, or maybe even a plan C ready no matter what.
  4. Every interaction you have with someone is a moment of truth – find a common ground and make it count.
  5. We are not that different after all – no matter where we are from or where we live.
  6. ‘Sharing’ is so much better than ‘Giving’ – Sharing, you are equal; Giving, you are in the position of power.
  7. Every day, make time to smell the roses, soak it all in, and pinch yourself every now and then.
  8. Oh yeah, Bali is a pretty cool place, with amazing people!

About Kan Choi

Kan is Vendor Sourcing & Logistics Manager for Softchoice and a member of the Softchoice Cares Board.