Data center efficiency is more than hot air

Or is it? I just learned about an easy way to reduce cooling costs in the data center by using hot air.  The big problem with data centers is that they generate a lot of heat from all those racks of servers.  For every kilowatt used to run data center equipment, another kilowatt needs to be spent on air-conditioning to pull the heat out. Most datacenters are big rooms where cool air and hot air mix together.

So why not keep out the heat? The hot aisles can be blocked off with strip curtains, similar to ones used in meat packing plants. This allows  the hot air to be vented out of the building while the cool air can move through the data center – which means that instead of a 55 degree deep freeze, it’s could be a comfortable 74 degrees in the data center.  

One of our partners, NetApp, developed this setup which earned them an Energy Star rating.  You can read about it here:

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Bill is on the HP Presales Team at Softchoice for servers, storage and networking. He is on the Green Team to share insights on the benefits and cost savings green IT offers.