Bring a lunch to work day

Before my time on the Softchoice GreenTeam comes to an end I would like to finish with one last project.  Hopefully this is something that will become more of an annual event.  My goal is to try and take as many Softchoice employee cars off the road as I can during lunch.  We would like to set up a day for everyone to either bring in a lunch and have lunch together or they should use some form of green transportation to go get lunch, like walking.

After some very early discussions in our GreenTeam meeting yesterday we thought it would be easiest to start this year with only our four main offices, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle and Atlanta.  These offices all have at least 40 employees in them, so if we can get a lot of participation I think it would be a lot of fun and very effective.

Another idea that came up in our meeting was tracking it, which might be tough.  Not only am I the only GreenTeam member outside of the Toronto office, I am also the only member in the U.S.  So we will need to lean on management to help us get a lot of participation.  This goes back to another idea we had which was setting up regional ambassadors in each office to help us in events like this. (but that is a whole different topic!).  But to track this event we would allow managers in the four offices access to this blog to log in and post how many people they had participate and even pictures of their event.

Stay tuned for more info as I work out some of the kinks in setting this up.  Please let me know if you have done anything similar in your own office.

Even Dilbert is on board!

About Bill McCluskey

Bill is on the HP Presales Team at Softchoice for servers, storage and networking. He is on the Green Team to share insights on the benefits and cost savings green IT offers.