All those PCs left on can add up!

When most people think about reducing energy in IT, they focus on the power-hungry data center. But we tend to overlook the PCs that sit on almost every office worker’s desk.

The average PC and monitor annually consume 600 kWh of energy, which results in 710 to 1330 lbs of carbon released into the atmosphere. The largest opportunity within this environmental impact is that approximately 20%-40% of PCs and monitors are left on all night. One report estimated that turning off every work computer in the United States every evening would save as much CO2 emissions as taking every car in the state of Maryland off the road.*

In business terms, the simple step of shutting computers down nightly can result in a per PC reduction of 200 kWh of annual energy use and savings of $15-$50 per device. This means that PC power management software will typically pay for itself in 6-8 months, and if it was deployed all across the US, the savings would add up to more than $1.72 billion dollars!*

*source: US PC Energy Report, IE, 2007

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