A Healthy Culture Breeds Competitive Advantage

“I have never experienced a company quite like Softchoice when it came to company culture. No other company has ever so clearly expressed the values that it was all about.  I thought that it might be fun to profile / highlight Softchoice for the article, which is what brings me to you. :-)”

This appeared in my inbox a few weeks ago from an old Softchoice colleague  Lisa Sperow.  It made me a little nostalgic for “the old days” but it also made me think…. We believe that culture is something that sets Softchoice apart and Lisa – who is now a writer and small business coach – wanted me to boil it down for her to share with the readers of her blog.

Culture, simply put, is the shared set of values and sometimes unstated agreements on ‘how things really get done around here’.  I think we can all agree that through our own experiences, we realize that company cultures vary widely. We’ve either worked at various organizations, or experienced the service provided by a company and quickly realized that the employee delivering that service was a good representation of that organization’s culture.

At Softchoice we don’t manufacture anything other than customer experience.  Our people are responsible for understanding how we propose that things get done and how we expect to serve our customers.  Our managers are responsible for reinforcing the culture and for not holding too tightly to the past.  Our culture has to live and breathe – that is move with the needs of our people and our business.  We cannot be held captive to the culture of the past.

I must say that it is flattering to have people want to write about our culture or to be recognized as a Best Workplace. At the end of the day, a healthy culture makes coming to work a pleasure.

Read Lisa’s article here.

Nick Foster, SVP Business Development

About Nick Foster

After 18 years with Softchoice, Nick foster now works with organizations to help them become best workplaces. He is also a volunteer with Developing World Connections, and the team leader for the International Project in India.