8 Reasons why Softchoice is a Best Workplace for 8 Years Running

It’s official! Softchoice has been named a Best Place to Work in Canada by the Great Place to Work Institute for the eighth year in a row! To celebrate, we decided to take a trip down memory-lane and reflect on what has made these past eight years so memorable. What do our employees value most about working at Softchoice?

1. Our deep appreciation for dogs has been around since Softchoice first began in 1989. Need a stress reliever? Try taking a break by petting one of the many office dogs that have become important members of the organization.


Toronto office dogs getting ready to pose for a doggy photo shoot.

2. Giving back to the community is a core part of our culture. This all began back in December of 2004, after a devastating tsunami struck South East Asia. Following the catastrophe a few employees decided to raise money to support the massive relief effort which has now turned into our employee-led philanthropic program Softchoice Cares.  This program’s core purpose is to help bridge the digital divide and help support employee-led  volunteer initiatives that our employees feel strongly about.  We also give employees two paid volunteer days per year to volunteer for a charity of their choice, providing many ways for them to get involved and give back over the years!

Here’s a video documentary of our 2012 mission to Bali, where we learned there’s a big difference between “aid” and “development”!

3. Every year, Softchoice recognizes our top performers (President’s Club award winners) by sending them to an outstanding vacation destination. And in 2011, our people took it one step further to give back to our host country that so graciously welcomed our people. These have definitely generated some memorable moments over the years!

President's Club

Recent President’s Club destinations: Rome 2012; Costa Rica 2011; Grand Cayman 2010; Barcelona 2009

4. Our monthly corporate-wide Friday Beer Carts are a great way to get everyone in the company together to network and kick-start the month ahead! After kicking back with a cold brew the first Friday of every month, our employees can take the end of the day to mingle, chat and enjoy down time with their coworkers!


Caronas all around during our summer 2011 “Wildly Green” themed beer cart!

5. We have an annual corporate kick-off every year called Launch. Not only is it a chance to celebrate successes from the past year, but even more importantly, get everyone aligned on the goals for the year ahead.  It’s also an opportunity for training and networking with our coworkers from across North America!


Our hockey-themed Launch in 2006!

6. Our executives believe that exercise and having fun is the key to innovation, and they remind us of this by remaining active themselves. It also helps that we have an in-house fully-equipped gym in our Toronto office!


Our CEO David MacDonald runs on the treadmill in the Toronto office gym.

7. Years ago, we realized what it meant to find unique and inspiring ways of recognizing employees when we first awarded the coveted Tie-Jacket award.  This is now just one of the few different awards we hand out to recognize those employees who go above and beyond to demonstrate our core values as an organization. This belief has led to coveted awards that are all about tradition, pride and recognition by peers – including the ‘technicolour dreamcoat’ and other awards like it that are passed on every year to the best of the best in our company!


Our Tie-Jacket in all its glory!

8. We have multiple opportunities to perfect both acting and Lip-Synching skills. We constantly showcase our talent with lip-dub videos, technology guides, explanations of our offerings, and more! Our US West Region team helped with recruiting efforts by explaining what throwing bees and a sales career at Softchoice has in common. Watch the video below!

Thanks to our employees, we’ve truly had a great past eight years; and we’re looking forward to having many more to come!

We want to know – what do you think makes a great workplace?

About Nicole Bernard

Nicole is a Communications Specialist Intern and is excited to bring you relevant and interesting stories from here at Softchoice.